Dimension Offsets and Joining

Join Dimensions

This feature joins selected dimensions to one dimension chain. The first selected dimension indicates the final position of the joined dimension chain. The dimension type will be the same as the first selected dimension type.

To use it, click Join Dimension and then pick the dimensions that you want to join one by one. To finish the selection, press Esc. All parallel dimensions will be connected to one.

Change dimension offset from wall

Change Dimension Offset from Wall - changes selected dimension offset from the wall as it is indicated in the Wall Dimensioning Configuration.

To use this command, first, select a dimension and then select a wall to offset the dimension from.

Change dimension offset from other dimension

Change Dimension Offset from Dimension - changes selected dimension's offset from other selected dimension. This offset is defined in dimension’s type properties under the Dimension Line Snap Distance parameter.

First, a dimension that will move has to be selected, and then the other dimension to offset from.

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