Dimensioning Priority & Notes

You can set up which dimensions and notes should be placed in your views and what information should be provided.

A few other dimensioning items in this window:

  • Sweep – sweep defined in wall type settings.

  • Grid – dimensions will snap to Grid if the Insert Grid option is selected.

  • Gravity Point – GP will be dimensioned if the Insert Gravity Point option is selected.

  • Total Dimensions – total dimensions of a largest-volume element in the Assembly.

Meaning of Dimensioning Priority and Notes table columns:

  • Nr – number means which dimension will be displayed closest to the main element. Use arrows keys to change the priority of items.

  • Dimension – uncheck to switch off dimensions for selected item.

  • Item – name of item.

  • Note – uncheck to switch off note for the selected item.

  • Quantity – uncheck to switch off quantity of the selected item.

  • Name – enter a name to show in notes for selected item.

  • Description – select information to be shown in the note of the selected item.

Text notes in this window will be applied to dimensioning of all elements listed below, except for Smart Dimensions (text notes for it come from Smart Dimensions Configuration). For Smart Dimensions, you can just turn it ON/OFF here.

Dimension Text Note Formula - set up the information that you want to show in the text note.

There are 3 possible parameters for that: Quantity, Text Note, and Type Parameter.

If you don’t want a parameter to be shown in the note, select the parameter in the right part of the window and click Remove.

Enter Prefix and/or Suffix to show near parameter name.

Use arrows keys to change the order of parameters.

Dimension Text Note Settings

Text Note Type – select a text type from the project.

Offset – enter a distance from the vertical dimension line to the note.

Text Note Position – select the position where note should be displayed.

Create Text Note – show or hide text notes.

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