Create / Edit Legend

Once you have a sample block, you can create a table with automatically generated parameter names, their values, and Legend Components or images.

To start creating a table, select the sample block in the view and hit Create/Edit Legend command.

Create / Edit Legend Window

A new window will open, where you can generate a table that you want to see in the Legend View.

Using Export to Excel, users can export the table data.

Select single or multiple categories for the Legend table using Select Categories.

Select Parameter Window

Available Items – all possible parameters of the selected categories:

Some parameters are in the BID Grouping group – these are additional parameters that are not in the usual parameter list.

Common parameters checkbox – shows only common parameters if different categories are selected.

Selected Items – parameter that will appear in the Legend table. The order of parameters can be adjusted using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons. The list of Selected Items has additional settings for every parameter:

  • Total - if ticked, values will be summed together.

  • Hide - if ticked, a parameter will not be visible in a table but the table can be grouped by using this parameter

  • Split by page – if ticked, multiple Legend tables will be created for every unique value of the selected parameter.

Configure Grouping Window

Here you can sort and group the table of elements using parameters from the Select Parameters.

For example, if Width, Family and Type are selected in Configure Grouping, then the elements can be expanded, filtered, and quantified by these parameters.

Additional Settings

Add Row Number - adds an additional parameter displaying the row number.

Add Grand Totals - adds a final column/row where element values are summed into a grand total.

Legend Page Data – additional properties for splitting the table through different Legend pages (Views).

Number of Rows – number of element rows in the dialog.

Number of Pages – number of pages (Legend Views) to fit the information in.

Rows per Page – the number of rows that will be displayed in one Legend Page (View). "0" means everything will be created in one View.

If Split by Page is ticked in Select Parameters, the "Rows per Page" value will be disabled.

Creating Legend Table

Once everything is set up, a table can be created in the Legend View.

Create Rows/Columns command creates an array of sample entities depending on the direction (vertical or horizontal expansion), distance, and selected parameters. Parameter names will be displayed as text. Parameter values will be displayed in place of Generic Annotations.

And the Legend table is complete. You can now close the Create / Edit Legend window.

Creating Legend Table in Vertical Direction

If you're using a vertical sample block, the final steps are a bit different because the sample block needs to be arrayed in different directions.

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