Slps.Distributor.Host.exe in Quarantine by anti-virus


The Tools4BIM file Slps.Disributor.Host.exe was put in quarantine by an antivirus program with the message that it was malicious software.

The tools are loading in Revit, but the license server is not loading anymore.

Malicious software: Slps.Disributor.Host.exe


Some antivirus software is known for high rates of false-positive quarantine. AGACAD assures you that the Slps.Disributor.Host.exe file is safe and does not contain any viruses.

Please remove the .exe file from the quarantine and make an exception for this file or path: C:\Program Files (x86)\AGACAD Network License Server

In case the license server is still not accessible, navigate to programs and features > locate AGACAD license server and select 'Uninstall' > Download and install the latest version

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