Rebar Configurations Main rebar Crank

There is an option to create a crank for the main rebar.

The number of rows visible in this tab depends on user settings in Layout tab.

Row position and Rebar bar type – come from Layout tab.

Other parameters T_L, T_h, T-v, etc. follow the sketched configuration.

T means bar end, at the top of the column. B means start of the bar, bottom of the column.

Rotate Corner bars 45 – rotate left-most and right-most bars of each Front, Back rows.

Measure from bar end – by default, start of the crank will be the distance from Top/Bottom face of the column, but if this option is selected, distance will be measured not from the column, but from the end of the bar.

NOTE: extension of the bar outside the column is defined in Layout tab.

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