Controlling the Opening Table

The Opening Table is where users will interact with the clash information processed by the Cut Opening.

Configure Grouping

In this table, elements of the selected categories are conveniently grouped in a tree where users can filter them by any parameter. The parameters can be chosen with “Configure Grouping”.

If “Level”, “Category”, “Family”, and “Type” are selected in “Configure Grouping”, then elements will be expanded and filtered under these criteria.

Users can group by groups of parameters, such as "Common", "Architectural", "Host", etc., as well as use any parameter from currently selected ones in the main Table by activating "Selected Parameters"

The higher the grouping parameter, the higher it will appear in the grouping tree view.

Select Parameters

On the left side are all available parameters from the selected categories. On the right side – all selected parameters. Adding new or removing existing parameters is available with “Add” and “Remove” commands, or by double-clicking on the parameter. The order of parameters can be changed with “Move Up” and “Move Down”.

Export To Excel

In Excel, all the non-modifiable cells will be locked by default. You can use the general Excel functionality to enter data into the unlocked cells. Excel may be sent to multiple people for modifications.

Any data entered into previously locked cells will be ignored during the import.

When unprotecting (unlocking) the sheet, errors might occur that will prevent the information from loading back into the Cut Opening.

Import From Excel

Export and Import from Excel can be performed at any step of working with the Openings, would it be during the opening set-up or when those were already inserted.

Additional functions

Additional functionality can be found on the right side of the table. The list of functionality will depend on whether the openings were already inserted or are just being described. Here we will cover just the "general" additional functions.

Change Value – allows users to change the value of one or several selected cells in one column;

Select Column – allows users to select all parameters in a column;

Filter by Selected Data - feature filters elements according to the selected values;

Distinct Value in Column - shows different values of select columns at a separate convenient window, where users can apply the filter by selecting values;

Remove All filters – removes all added filters;

Sort – allows user to sort elements by selected categories;

Copy to Clipboard - Copies to clipboard selected values. Users will be able to Paste this information anywhere;

Refresh View - During the selection process, the user should see selected elements. In case when users do not see the selection, press “Refresh View”;

Show Element by ID – shows and selects elements in the model by element ID;

Isolate Selected Elements in Active View – isolates selected elements in active view;

Unhide Element – unhides all elements after Isolated Selected Elements in Active View is used.

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