Load Families

→ Select Load Roof/Floor Truss Types directly from Truss+ menu

  • The command loads truss system grids, structural trusses and other structural framing families into the project.

  • The command loads sample schedules into the project.

  • Mark Definition Schedules allow to predefine or edit marking of elements at any time.

  • To avoid this time-consuming operation, the user can save file as a template after loading families.

  • Visibility settings depend on Detail Level.

  • Other schedules can be used for scheduling trusses and structural framing elements in standard view and assembly views.

  • Those sample schedules can be used as templates for truss assembly schedules.

You can find the families in Project BrowserFamilies under Structural Framing, Structural Connections, Annotation Symbols and Generic Models categories.

The command Load Truss Types loads:

  • Truss System Grids

  • Structural Trusses

  • Nested Structural Framing families of Truss System Grids

  • Structural Framing families of Truss Webs and Chords.

  • Structural Framing families of Rafters

Note Family name begins with “I_Truss_” for imperial units and with “M_Truss_” for metric units.

Default Metric and Imperial libraries are located here:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\TOOLS 4 BIM\2020 (or other version)\Wood Framing Truss+ RT\20.34.10627.0 (or other version)\Truss+\Libraries\Metric or Imperial\Library

If you modify these families in the future, then you can hold them in your company template or place them in this catalog for upcoming projects.

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