Modify Elements and Multi-Rule Manager

To make unique changes for hanger placement, there are the ʻModify Elementsʼ and ʻMulti-Rule Managerʼ commands.

These commands work on both native Revit MEP elements (Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits) and MEP Fabrication Parts.

Modify Elements

This command can be used on a hanger or an MEP element that has hangers inserted on it. It will open the configurations window where you can make unique changes to the configuration.

There you can change the hanger thatʼs being inserted, the structure that the hanger connects to, hanger spacing, and more.

To read more about configurations, click here - Hanger Configurations.

The 'Modify' command can only be executed for one MEP element at a time. Changes made in the configurations window will apply to all hangers inserted on that specific MEP element.

After you make the needed changes in a configuration, click 'Update' on the bottom right of the window to finish the command. These changes will not affect the main configuration as long as you do not click the 'Save' icon at the top, by the Configuration name.

'Save' will override the configuration, or if you donʼt have this configuration, it will load it to your Configurations folder.

Multi-Rule Manager

MEP elements can have several hanger configurations inserted on them. If you use 'Modify Elements' on the MEP element, the configuration window for the first configuration will open. To access other configurations, use the 'Multi-Rule Manager'.

You will be prompted with a window where all the inserted configurations are visible. Here you can choose a configuration to modify or select multiple configurations to be updated ('Update Elements' command) or deleted ('Delete Elements' command).

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