Smart Dimensions is a tool for automatically creating dimensions in a view. What should be dimensioned, to where dimensions should snap, where dimension lines should be located – everything is defined in Configurations.

This tool can be used in any user-created Revit views or it can be incorporated into Smart Views or Smart Assemblies configurations to generate new views that come already dimensioned:

  • Smart Dimensions as a separate tool.

Create a Smart Dimensions configuration according to your needs and run it in a view using Dimension Elements in View. Created configurations are saved in the specified location and can be reused as much as needed.

  • Smart Dimensions in Smart Assemblies configurations.

Smart Dimensions can be assigned to Smart Assemblies Dimensioning Rules. And different Dimensioning Rules can be assigned to different Assembly Views.

This way, using Smart Dimensions in Assemblies Configurations allows you to create dimensions in Assembly Views that are being created.

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