Unexpected Error Occurred


'Unexpected error occurred.' or 'Installation error' is visible:

Firewall/proxy might be blocking access to our storage server


Ensure that the proxy is configured to allow unrestricted and anonymous access to the below domains:

1. http://api.dock.agacad.com/public/* - ARKANCE Dock Appstore

2. https://srv.softwarepotential.com/SLMServerWS/ActivationWS.svc - activation service

3. http://cdn.iv.agacad.com/* - tools hosting

Test the permissions

Expected results on the browser:

Expected results with :

The default port numbers used are 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.

If you are able to load all the web pages above, try to download and install the latest Dock version manually

After installation, try to update/install the tools from the Dock

Having troubles?
  1. Please make sure that your Windows user has administrator permissions to modify "ProgramData" and "AppData" folders, as well as the Windows registry

  2. The mentioned URLs might be blocked by Windows firewall, network, antivirus or other third-party software

  3. Reach out to helpdesk@agacad.com for personal assistance

  4. In case you get any error messages, please send us the log file from: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\TOOLS 4 BIM\*REVIT VERSION*\LogT4BDock.txt

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