Common Settings

Grouping - dimension lines may be grouped by selected parameter

Filtering - use Filter by parameter or by Material

Only one Type of elements is dimensioned by using 'Filter by':


Include in Total Measure - if ticked ON, this category will be included in Total Dimension. Also, the tool will measure from this category to other elements.

Example of measuring Columns and Walls in the View. Total Measure box is not checked:

But if 'Total Measure' is ticked for both Columns and Walls, then The total dimension will extend over both of these Categories.

Include Grids - will measure from elements of this Category to the Grids, but Grids should be selected to be measured as well

Include Levels - will measure from elements of this Category to Levels, but Levels should be selected to be measured as well


All - measures all elements

Intersecting elements - measures only elements intersected by the view plane.

All except intersecting elements - measures only elements not intersected by the view plane.

Measure Elements in Front View - available for Point & Face Based Details. Allows to measure All visible Face Based Details or only those who are on Front or Back face in that View.

Dimension Lines by Priority - drag & drop selected items to change which dimension should be closer to the measured elements. Also, you can join dimension lines of selected items.

Example of joined vertical dimensions for Front and Vertical Side hosted families:

Join Dimension Lines - this will join dimension lines for selected categories

"Join all Same Direction Dimensions" checkbox joins all Vertical/Horizontal different category families' measurements.

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