Rebar Bars

To dimension and tag rebar in the view, consider using Smart Dimensions. Read more about it here.

Common Dimensioning in View

Bars Parallel or Perpendicular to View Plane – choose to show or hide dimensions between bars and to include/exclude distance to host face.

Use Smart Dimensions Configuration - use Smart Dimensions Configuration, instead of settings in Rebar Bars.

Dimensioning Rules

Dimensioning rule – choose where dimensions should be placed in view – Nearest Side, Top-left or Bottom-right.

Exclude rebar bars – controls whether rebar bars are dimensioned or not.

If the cut depth is higher than - enter value to filter out bars for exclusion.

Reinforcement Categories and Types - switch ON/OFF to show types of reinforcement that should be dimensioned in view.

Parallel bar sets

Select whether or not to show dimensions between parallel bar sets and if to show distance to the host face.

Put dimensions for single bars

Put dimensions on single bar – tick ON to put a dimension on the center of all visible single bars in the view.

Put dimension on straight bar outside boundary of element – tick ON to place dimensions for a single bar outside of the host as for other elements.

Include distance to face of host element - tick on to give the distance from single bar ends to the host edge.

First dimension line Factor – enter factor to control the gap between the element and the first dimension line.

Split dimensions on equality

Split dimensions on equal segments – switch ON/OFF to join/separate equal dimensions in one line with the expression of times*distance=total distance.

Minimum number of equal segments to begin splitting – minimum number of same distances to join equal dimensions in one expression.

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