Modify Families

Smart Browser utilizes modification files to create a description of how families will have to be modified.

The process has two steps:

  1. Modification file creation

Changes to families will apply only after the 'Run Modifications' command has been applied.

Creating Modification task

Select one or multiple (Ctrl + left-click) families in your library that you want to modify. Right-click the selection, and choose the option 'Modify Families'.

You will be prompted to enter the modification name.

After entering the modification name, you need to enter additional information that will be accessible later:

1) The person doing the modification

2) A short description of the modification

3) Notes. Any additional information regarding the planned modifications.

Smart Browser will later automatically fill the Notes with the information about the changes to be made.

Once the modification task file is created, it may be closed and opened at any time to continue filling or to review theb modification tasks. To open an already-created modification file, click 'Modify Families' and select the required modification file.

To add more families to a previously-created modification file, select the required families and in the right-click menu, select 'Add Families to be Modified'. Then select to which modification file you would like to add those families.

Family Modifications

In the right-click menu, you can modify selected values or parameters. After the modification task is created, either the cell or the cell value will change color according to the Legend View.

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