Create Rebar images

You can create rebar images with real values of rebar segments and then add them to the Schedules.

There are a few commands related to this:

Check Rebar Image Configuration before creating Rebar Images. These are the settings used in the image generation.

Choose the text style, size, color, and image size to for preference.

Rebar Images can be created in different ways:

  • Create Rebar Images - this will create rebar images for all reinforcement in the project.

  • Rebar Images for Selected - will be applied only on selected rebar.

  • Rebar Images by Host - will create images for rebars of the selected host (Wall, Column, etc.)

Any of these commands will create a .png image file and assign it to the instance Image parameter of the rebar. You can use this parameter in the schedules to show them on Sheets.

Name of the image (as seen in screenshot above) consists of:

  • AGACAD - created by our software

  • Solid Walls - the name of Rebar Partition

  • 18 - Rebar Number.

These commands can be used at any time in the project. But if you want to create Rebar Images while you Create Assemblies, check this option in Shop Drawing Configurations

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