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AGACAD’s EasyFrame allows manufacturers of timber house frames to predefine rules for automated CNC machines, including naming and marking operations for every framing member – directly from Revit. Walls, floors, roof framing members, or individual framing elements can be exported using this application.

The EasyFrame must be used with AGACAD Wood Framing Software (, which creates the framing elements with all the necessary geometry and information data within the Revit project.

Below is an example of a floor frame created using Wood Framing Floor ( and then exported to EstiFrame machine:

A EZF file is created with all information from the selected floor. This file can be now pushed to the CNC machine for production: 1/2 1/13/23, 11:47 AM INTRODUCTION : AGACAD

The EZF file contains all needed operations and information for cutting and marking. 2/2

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