End Connection

Framing Configuration may be found in two locations:


End Connection

Floor+M supports various types of end connections. End connection joists are parallel to floor direction line.

Left End, Right End tabs – define ends of floor’s left and right sides.

Framing End Extension

Framing End Extension – offsets frame from the floor end.

Example: Framing End Extension = -100:

Lengthen Rim Joists

Lengthen Rim Joists – offsets top and bottom rim joists from the floor end.

Split or Shorten up to Joist

Split or Shorten up to Joist – splits or makes the rim joists shorter.

Split at Joist – select number of the joist where the top/bottom rim joists should be split or shortened. E.g. Bottom rim joist is split near the third joist:

Build in Place

Build in Place – writes Yes/No information into the rim joist instance parameter if rim joist is build-in-place or is prefabricated with whole floor frame.

Such rim joists will have the Build in Place parameter switched ON:

Custom Join

Custom Join – is a multi-functional dialog where user can define rules for joins including size, count, position, rotation, spacing, alignment etc. All these rules can be saved and used in other framing configurations or shared with other users. This type of dialog is used frequently in our products, so here you can find Custom Join detailed description >>


Default path to database with configurations is:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Tools 4 Revit\Floor+M 2021 (or other version)

Configurations\CustomFramingJoins\F\Metric or Imperial

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