Scheduling And Sorting

  • Load Roof/Floor Truss Types command will load schedules to the project. Truss+ creates schedules in the truss assembly using predefined settings.

Note: Mark Definition Schedules allow to define and edit Mark value of elements at any time.

To Create Schedule Views in drawing configuration window:

Add/Delete – lets user to add or delete views (schedules)

Create View – select the views (schedules) you want to have in the assembly

View Name – enter a name for the selected view (schedule)

Template Type – select if the template schedule should come from the current project or from the template project

Schedule Template – select a schedule from your current project to be a template for the assembly part list, material takeoff, and other schedules

Schedule helps to define marking information for Sort and Mark procedures of Structural Trusses

Note: The same type of truss can have a different role in roof frame. User has an option to define same or different mark value (Framing Member Mark) for Framing Members. For example using different marking for side and end jack trusses.

Note: User can edit default values of shared parameter – Framing Member Description and use this parameter later for sorting and describing framing members in other schedules and tagging.

Calculate Truss Volume - calculates truss volume and writes value to shared parameter FM Framing Member Volume

  • Truss+ includes other types of schedules. Identity data of elements can be edited, sorted and scheduled according to the needs of the project.

Sort Trusses - writes results to shared parameter FM SortMark and FM HostMemberSortMark

Note: There are two values for sorting and numbering Structural Framing elements: by ID and by Mark.

Truss+ will calculate values and write results to different shared parameters.

FM HostMemberSortMark - parameter can be used for scheduling Structural Framing elements like truss chords and webs. Parameter shows FM SortMark of truss.

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