Export/Import MEP Openings

Cut Opening provides coordination capabilities between multiple engineers working on the same project. With Cut Opening, users can export already created openings and share those with other project participants for coordination.

To export already created openings, it is necessary to run "Opening Revision" and in the Opening control table, choose "Export Created".

Only the information actively visible in the table will be exported for sharing/coordination.

After the Export, users must save the opening .XML file. This file can be inserted by anyone with access to one of the linked projects by simply doing "Insert Openings".

If Openings are already present in the importers' model, Cut Opening will compare the currently inserted openings with the newly imported ones and will show the feedback in the Opening Table.

Alternatively, users of the full Cut Opening version can cooperate with the users of the Cut Opening Free version. This cooperation can be done only in one direction, as Cut Opening Free users cannot access the "Opening Revision" button and can not export already created openings.

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