Additional Edge Rebar

Additional Edge Rebar options are available in an additional tab – Additional Edge Rebar' – in 'Perimeter reinforcement'.

You can place straight, L, and U shaped bars at selected vertical and horizontal edges of the wall.

Note: L-shape is placed only if there is a cut. L-shape CW and CCW will place L shape rebar on perimeter edges like U shape reinforcement.

New Item - adds a line of settings, wherein you can define what kind of bar should be created and define other necessary settings Remove, Move Up, Move Down - changes order of added lines or removes selected lines Count - number of bars that should be created through the thickness of a wall layer. Count can be 1 or 2 bars per line. Rebar bar type - type of rebar that should be used Wall Edge - select on which edge of the wall rebar should be created Min/Max search distance - defines range where bars will be created from selected wall edge

Example 1

Min distance does not allow you to create bars at top and bottom of a given wall. Max distance limits placement of bars at deeper cuts.

Example 2

All edges are within search distance limits, so bars are created at all edges.

Anchorage distance - extension of straight and L shape bars from perpendicular edge, if there is such

L-Shape leg length – leg length for U- and L-shaped bars

Position - If Count = 1, bars can be placed from center or external/internal side of the wall. If Count = 2, bars can be placed from external/internal sides of the wall.

Edge cover - distance from edge

Interior/Exterior Cover - distance from side faces of the wall

End cover - For straight bars, this is the distance from the end of the bar to the perpendicular edges. For L- and U-shaped bars, it's a cover for legs from perpendicular edges.

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