Smart Views creates views of selected elements and dimensions anything that is visible in those views, as needed.


  1. Create Smart Views configuration

    Select views that should be created and templates that should be applied to them:

  2. Create Smart Dimensions and Smart Tags configurations

    Once you have set your configurations in Smart Dimensions and Smart Tags, assign them to selected views.


  3. Define how views should be named

  4. Save configuration

  5. Select element(s) in the model for which views should be created

Click 'Create views'. Views for selected elements will be created based on the most recently opened Smart Views configuration.

For example, a configuration has one Front view selected. I have selected 3 walls, so a Front view for each wall is created.

Front views of the walls with dimensions created:

Or select Multiple Elements > Create View. In this case, views will be cropped to the boundary defined by selected elements:

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