Configuration Window

Configuration window

  1. - Select, Create, Duplicate, Rename, Save your configurations

  2. - Select Category of elements that you want to dimension with that configuration in the View. Order of Categories defines which dimension Line will be the first dimension line. You can drag & drop selected categories up and down.

  3. - Common Settings - define how dimensions should be grouped, joined, and what Filters should be applied

  4. - Text Note Settings - define the format of text notes for dimensions

  5. - Select one of the orientation/position tabs to define rules for how to dimension elements in the View. Depending on the category, there will be a different number of tabs for dimensioning. If the Tab name has green color - it means there are settings for dimensioning turned on.

  6. - Dimension 1,2,3...10 - it's possible to add more tabs and apply different filters, dimension styles for different elements to dimension.

  7. - Add/remove Dimension tabs. Symbol "+" will create a duplicate of the active Dimension tab with all its settings.

  8. - Define settings for total dimension, diagonal dimension, linked elements measuring, first line offset etc.

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