Direct export of wooden wall, floor, and roof frames, and trusses from Revit® to Hundegger® CNC machines

CNC Exporter for Hundegger BVX allows firms that construct timber frame houses to predefine operations and rules for automated CNC machine, including sawing, drilling, trimming, marking, and texting operations for each framing member – directly in Revit. Walls, floors, roof framing members, trusses, and separate framing elements can be exported using this application.

The Hundegger BVX exporter must be used with Wood Framing solution. Our framing tools create the framing elements with all needed geometry and information data inside a Revit project. Exported files can be viewed and checked with Hundegger viewer.


  • - Application generates BVX extension files readable by automated Hundegger CNC machines

  • - Selected wall, floor, roof frames, and trusses can be exported from a Revit model to a Hundegger BVX file with just one click. Elements can also be exported from schedules

  • - In the BVX viewer you can see all operations in detail, including sawing, drilling, trimming, and marking of every member of the frame - Installation includes settings for defining CNC file locations, project information parameters, element identification and marking - Automate element identification, marking, and texting for plates/rim joists/girders, studs/joists/columns, and wooden details

  • - All settings can be saved and used for other projects


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