Modify SDC by Instance

This command allows you to make unique modifications to Assemblies. You can change, add, or remove everything that is inside the configuration window for the selected assembly – add views, change templates, schedules, dimensioning rules, etc. And all this will be applied only to that particular assembly.

To use Modify SDC by Instance:

  1. Select the Assembly.

  2. Run the Modify SDC by Instance command.

  3. Make needed changes in the configuration window.

  4. Save and close the SDC window.

Assembly is now updated according to the changes in SDC.

After you make individual modifications, the Assembly will be updated according to the changes you made, and in the SDC instance parameter, you will see that the name of the configuration has changed. It now has an added prefix – Instance_.

If you want to get back to the original instead of the modified configuration, use the Update by DC command.

If you want to further Modify the configuration, use either Modify SDC by Instance or Edit Configuration.

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