Library Creation

The main function of Smart Browser is library creation and management. To access a library view, click 'Smart Family Browser'.

Smart Browser utilizes XML files to keep track of the elements that are selected as library elements. There is no limit to either the number of elements in a given library or the number of created libraries.

To create a library, it is necessary to direct the Smart Browser to the location of the folder where families are located. The selected families will stay in their respective locations and Revit versions.

Browser Options

When opening the Smart Family Browser for the first time, only the 'Browser Options' button will be active. It is represented by the flywheel in the top left corner of the window.

When opening the Browser Options menu for the first time, there will be two active buttons: 1) Create a new library

  1. Create a new library

  2. Connect an existing library

Create a new Library

Clicking 'Create a new library' will prompt a quick 3-step library creation process.

Library name creation and location for the future library XML file

Location for the new Smart Browser library file – Smart Browser will create a new XML file for each library. Browse the folder where the XML file with the library database will be placed, or type it in. The location can be on the network server for multiple users to access. Please use UNC pathing to point to the server and folder (i.e. //server1/revit/library). Make sure that the UNC path can be resolved via IP ping. This may require modification of the HOSTS file. If the library was created in a shared location, all other users can utilize 'Connect to existing' to connect to that library.

For multiple users to access the same library, all the files associated with the library must be located in the shared location(s). Setting folder permission to 'read' for other users will allow them to use the elements but not modify them.

After entering the required information, click 'Next'.

Configure your library

Folder with Families to connect to - Enter information about the location of families that the library will consist of. Use Browse to select a folder or type the path by hand.

Smart Browser will load families from the selected folder and its subfolders. The folder structure can later be replicated in the library view organization, search, and filtration.

Elements loaded to Smart Browser will stay in their respective location and in their respective versions when creating the library. To upgrade all the families, utilize the 'Upgrade Families' functionality.

Storage location for the preview images - Select the folder where the mandatory PNG images (Family thumbnails for preview in Smart Browser) and 3D DWF files will be placed. This can be located on a network server for multiple users to access.

Smart Browser generates the PNG files using the original family Thumbnail Preview image. To change the Thumbnail, open the family, click 'Save As', and in the save menu, click 'Options…' and select a different source view.

Create 3D DWF - Select if DWF files are necessary in the browser for 3D viewing and if those should be created. Note: this can significantly increase the time it takes to create the database.

After entering the required information, click 'Next'.

Enter additional information that will be visible later for the library creator and any user who connects to that library via 'Library Information'. All additional information is optional and may be skipped.

Click 'Select image' to select a library preview image. The default preview image will be assigned to the library if nothing is selected.

After entering the required information, click 'Create'. This will launch the library creation process, and after the library has been created, Smart Browser will open a new library view.

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