External/Internal Reinforcement

The difference between External and Internal reinforcement is that one mesh will be placed with cover defined from the External side of the wall and the other from the Internal side of the wall. Other settings are the same.

Create Rebar – select if you want to create selected rebar. Rebar bar type – select Rebar Type. Spacing/Step – define distance between rebar. Rebar Hook Type Start/End - choose hook type for rebar Hook Rotation At Start - parameter to rotate hook direction. Available in Revit 2021 and above.

Wall end offsets:

Distance – define distance from wall start/end to first rebar. From start/From end – choose from which side of the wall rebar should be distributed. From start/end option works together with Minimal Rebar distance in common settings. The sofware will try to create rebar at the start and end of the wall with defined distance, then it will distribute bars from the start of the wall, and if the last step is smaller than the Minimal Rebar Distance, rebar at the end will be removed. Check common settings description. Centered - use this option to get same distance on both sides. Distance from edges of the wall to first and last rebar will be equal to value between Distance and Spacing/Step inputs.

Covers tab

Major Rebar – select which one will be near the wall face: Vertical or Horizontal rebar. Cover – cover from External/Internal wall face. Vertical Rebar Top/Bottom Offset – offset from wall edges for vertical rebar. Horizontal Rebar Start/End Offset – offset from wall edges for horizontal rebar. NOTE: you can use negative values for offsets to extend bars outside wall boundary.

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