Add Vertical Block

Add/Modify Elements

Add/Modify Elements – features for adding/modifying additional studs, support studs, bridging/nogging elements, etc.

Add Vertical Block

Add Vertical Block – adds additional vertical block using studs into selected frame with predefined settings.

Insert Direction from Selected Stud

Insert Direction from Selected Stud – choose left of right side where the block will be inserted.

Distance Lock to

Distance Lock to – an additional vertical block can be inserted with predefined distance from selected stud, wall start/end, or selected external element.


Distance/Spacing – distance/spacing from selected joist, start/end of wall or selected external element to the block.

Custom Join

Custom Join – is a multi-functional dialog where user can define rules for studs/joins including size, count, position, rotation, spacing, alignment etc. All these rules can be saved and used in other framing configurations or shared with other users. This type of dialog is used frequently in our products, so here you can read more about Custom Join

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