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Frame Floor


Frame Floor – frames selected floors or parts from the model according to predefined configuration.

Note: frame direction depends on the Span Direction in the Floor Boundary:

First time in the project

The first time you click Frame Floor in a new project, you will get a message that the framing families are not loaded. You can load them directly from here:

Just click OK:

Framing families can be also loaded using Floor+Settings Load Families:

Read more about Load Families here

Floor+ checks the status of selected floors. If there is something wrong with the floors, you will get a detailed report. In the image below, you can see possible report messages.

Let's solve the problem of the Standard Timber-Wood Finish floor type:

To fix these kinds of problems, you usually need to go to Link Floor and check the situation:

Standard Timber-Wood Finish has framing possibility disabled, so you just need to select the checkbox near the Frame column. You can also assign Framing Layer and Framing Configuration for every layer:

There is no problem if framing configuration in not assigned to the layer. You can assign it in the Link Floor dialog, or Floor+ will give you this option during the Frame Floor process:

Selected a sample framing configuration, which automatically comes with Floor+, and click OK:


Read more about Link Floor here

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