Place Floor by Room

Place Floor by Room allows you to automatically generate floors by existing rooms in the project. You do not need to draw every floor manually by picking walls or drawing floor boundaries. The function saves vast amounts of time especially when working on larger projects. Floors and floor types can be modified/updated or removed entirely.

  1. Place all your rooms in the project.

  2. Select Place Floor by Room in Floor Panel Layout menu.

  1. Select Floor Placement Configurations in Place/Modify Panels by Rooms menu.

  2. Define parameters according to the design requirements. Select Place Floors or OK.

Note: Configurations can be saved to a file and shared with colleagues .

  1. The Place Floors window allows you to see all rooms in the project and place floors in filtered rooms.

  1. Configure Grouping allows you to filter out rooms according to various parameters.

  1. Export to Excel allows you to export filtered objects (i.e. rooms) to an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. You can Select Parameters that should appear in the Place Floors schedule.

  1. Once floors have been placed using the Place Floors command, you can see which rooms contain newly placed floors, etc. Schedule can be further detailed.

  1. The Final result is floors are placed according to existing rooms in the project.

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