Floor+C tool was created based on Floor+M tool (for light gauge steel) platform, so it is usually not necessary to adjust some of the settings for precast concrete slabs.

In this file only the most important settings pertinent to precast will be reviewed.

Configuration Name - Save, duplicate, rename, delete your configurations here.

Software comes with a few default configurations. You can save them with different names and use your own settings.

Common Settings - some general settings.

Configuration Settings - leave it as it is.

Modify Configuration Settings - settings for selected configuration.

Choose Z justification option. Top is recommended - it will be at the top of location line.

Elements Mark Definitions - software will create Shared Parameters for Structural Framing elements - Framing Member, Framing Member Description etc. You can select value of these parameters for different framing elements. For Precast mostly used are Longitudinal Flooring and End Connection elements.

Modify Settings - settings for all configurations. Use F12 to expand settings.

If you want to rename default Families or Types, which were used in configurations, you have to turn on this one:

Turn on this if you want to cut Structural Framing families with Void families placed on reference floor. Find such Void family in Sample project. It should have two Voids - one to cut reference floor, other at the same place will be used to cut

Structural Framing elements

Important! Turn this option ON - location line will be at the top of the Floor layer.

Configuration Visibility - nothing to change here.

Floor Framing

Common Joist, Rim Joists - not used for Precast.

Offsets - offsets from boundaries of the Floor.

Opening Framing - settings for Structural Framing elements arround openings. Not used with precast.

End Connection - settings of Structural Frmaing elements which should be used at the ends of the slab.

Longitudinal Flooring - settings for precast slabs layout.

Joist Holes - void family could be inserted along the layout of Structural Framing elements to cut them.

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