Interlock Split Menu is an additional function in the Smart Walls tool. Interlock split will change wall profiles into a shape that allows for a specific interlocking wall connection.


Split Revit walls with commands from Split Wall Menu.

Select walls that should have an interlocking type connection and use the Split by Interlocking Settings command.

Split by Interlocking Settings configures gap distances between wall panels for horizontal and vertical wall connection parts, finalizing wall profile shape according to entered values.

Interlocking Split Settings adjusts separated wall gaps (gh and gv values) and modifies wall's H and L values, which determines the depth and length of the intersection into the adjacent wall. Equal - sets the equal H value

You can use your modified settings for multiple projects by saving configurations to your set directory and loading them into your desired project

At corner connections, which wall overlaps on top of the other depends on selection sequence. The wall that is selected first will always overlap the second-selected wall.

At T connections, the overlapping wall will be the wall that intersects the crossing wall.

Update Interlock Split - Adjusts selected walls to new H, g, and L value modifications. Modify Interlock Split - Modifies settings only for single wall connection. Change order of Interlock Split - Configures wall corner connections and end connection, changing which wall will overlap on top or at the bottom.

Change order of Interlock Split

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