Configuration Settings

Framing Configuration may be found in two locations:


Configuration Settings

Use for all Framing Elements (except Openings) – if ON, then the selected Stud and Plate families will be used for other framing elements, like connections, bridgings, noggings, etc. without an option to change it to a custom family.

Main Type of Studs (or Plates) – pick a family and type for the Studs or Plates.

Sample stud and plate families come with Wall+M:

For C+C systemM_MF C+C Stud and M_MF C+C Plate

For C+C Chamfered systemM_MF C+C_CH Stud and M_MF C+C_CH Plate

For C+U system M_MF Stud-Joist and M_MF Track M goes for Metric system, I goes for Imperial.

Do not use any other families!

You can use other families only in special cases. Contact us (

Width (b) – shows the width, b, parameter value of the selected family type.

Depth (h, d) – shows the depth, h or d, parameter value of the selected family type.

Define Depth (h, d) by Layer Thickness – the software will create a new type for the selected family and change the depth value to the wall layer thickness so that the frames will fit the layer in the wall.

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