ARKANCE Dock Installation Guide

ARKANCE Dock Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest Dock, based on

  2. Read the License Agreement. If you agree, tick the 'I accept the terms...' check box

  3. Click 'Install'

  1. Finish the installation

  1. Launch your Revit® and open any project. The ARKANCE Dock should be visible.

You can toggle the ARKANCE Dock visibility in the Revit® ribbon > ARKANCE Dock > 'Show Dock' / 'Hide Dock'

Tools Installation Instructions

  1. Launch your Revit® and open any project

  2. Open the ARKANCE Dock

  3. All tools are in the Dock tabs. You can now open any tab, request a trial, activate a code that you already have and

Note: You can place the Dock dialog in any Revit workplace, as can be done with the Properties or Project Browser

  1. The selected product is now installed!

Having troubles?
  1. Make sure you have the

  2. Make sure your Windows user has "Read" and "Write" permissions to the and the Windows registry

  3. Make sure your Windows user is logged in as a local administrator or has been dedicated permission to install '.msi' files

  4. 'Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?' appeared during installation? Click 'yes' to proceed

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