Common Settings

Common Settings

  • Location for export of CNC files – lets you choose where the export files are supposed to be placed:

    • Project file location – the exporter will create a separate folder at the same location where the current Revit project is saved

    • Custom location – lets you choose the common location for all exported files

  • Project Information Parameters – lets you choose what kind of Revit parameters will be used for exported file metadata:

    • Project Name – lets you choose a parameter for collecting project name

    • Object Number – lets you choose a parameter for collecting project number

  • Elements Identification and Mark – this section lets you choose a configuration for marking elements, edit the configuration and create export filters:

    • Automatically skip not marked Elements – lets you exclude specific elements from being exported:

      • Ticked – excludes elements that have information missing in parameters defined in the configuration

      • Unticked (default) – not active; everything is exported

    • Automatically skip filtered out Elements – lets you exclude specific elements from being exported:

  • Assembly Station Mode – gives you the option to merge a few frame assemblies into one file.

  • Export as one file – activates the functionality.

  • Split to Separate Files by – gives you the option for dividing merged assemblies into separate files based on chosen parameter values. If you want to use another custom parameter that is not currently in the dropdown list, you can add parameters by assigning them to "Identity Data" parameter group category and assigning it to at least one of the exportable categories (Walls, Floors, Roofs).

  • Connect Top/Bottom Plates – exported assemblies will have their top and bottom plates as one element.

  • Mark Plate Cuts – places a mark on connected top and bottom plates indicating the position where the cut should occur to divide assemblies.

  • Merge Siding Trimming Line – when ticked, assemblies will have a common trimming line for siding elements.

  • Clear Spacing – here, you can enter the spacing between assemblies in the same export.

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