Insert Hangers

Insert Hangers

'Insert Hangers' places hangers and supports on selected MEP elements.

Hangers and supports can be inserted on elements of these categories: Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits, MEP Fabrication Ductwork, MEP Fabrication Pipework, MEP Fabrication Containment.

After selecting the MEP elements in a project and clicking ʻInsert Hangersʼ, the ʻInsert Hangersʼ window appears.

Here you can select a Hanger Configuration to be executed. Configurations can be filtered by groups. The image on the right is a preview of the hanger specified in the selected configuration.

The ʻEditʼ button opens the 'Hanger Configurations' window where you can make modifications to your hanger placement settings.

Click here to read more about Hanger Configurations.

In the ʻInfoʼ section, you can see a breakdown of your selection by category. Hangers and supports can only be inserted for one category of MEP elements at a time. The last line is the overview of elements that the configuration will be applied to.

The ʻInsert Detailsʼ button at the bottom right of the window runs the selected configuration.

Auto Insert

'Auto Insert' automatically inserts hangers and supports on the selected MEP elements (Ducts, Pipes, Conduits, Cable Trays, Fabrication Elements) according to the Hanger Configuration specified in the MEP elements' type properties.

Unlike 'Insert Hangers', this command can place hangers and supports on multiple categories of MEP elements at once.

In order to use 'Auto Insert':

  1. Add the configuration name to the 'Smart Detail Configuration' parameter in the type properties of the MEP element. This parameter is automatically created in your project when you start using MEP Hangers.

  2. Select MEP elements in the project.

  3. Click 'Auto Insert'.

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