Truss System Configuration

Truss System Configuration allows user to create, modify and delete truss systems.

• Choose Truss System Configuration directly from “Truss+” menu.


The configuration of 3D truss system grids allows to:

  • Create new types

  • Modify existing types

  • Delete types

Creating New Types

  • Choose a System Type and click the Create button • Select or fill all parameters and click the

Create button

  • Choose a system type • Choose an end type

  • Choose a top chord type • If you want to create a new truss type, click the button Truss


  • If you create truss system grid for trusses with rotated profiles switch Rotate parameter to ON • Enter a setbackvalue

  • Type name will represent all parameters that you have set for your new truss type

Modifying Existing Types

• Choose a system type and click the Modify button • Change parameters and click the Apply button

Deleting Types

• To delete the truss system type that doesn’t meet your regional defaults, click the Delete button

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