Element Marking One by One

Even though this method is more manual – because you have to select every element one by one in the desired order – it is also the most accurate one.

To use Element Mark One by One:

  1. Save the SortMark configuration with preferred Settings. (No need to click 'OK'; the window can simply be closed):

  2. After that, run the Element Mark One by One command and select the first element of your order. In the following window, you can select the SortMark configuration. Click Mark Elements and continue selecting additional elements one by one in your desired sequence.

    You can only mark elements of one category (category of the first selected element) at one time.

  3. To finish the marking, hit the Esc button on your keyboard. The marked elements will show up in the table, where you can edit the values manually.

    The Close button concludes the command and writes the marking values to selected elements.

    To continue marking, click the Mark Elements.

    To restart the marking from scratch, you can use Reset Counter.

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