You can set up different dimensioning rules for each view. In the Shop Drawing Configurations window select Edit Dimensioning Rules:

In the Dimensioning Rules window, you can create rules for how to automatically dimension cuts, holes, walls, beams, point-based details, windows, etc., where to place dimensions, and what kind of addtional information to provide:

It's recommended to use Main Element Geometry tab to dimension cuts and openings and use Smart Dimensions for everything else.

Read more about Smart Dimensions here.

Use Hide Old Options, to leave only the options we recommend to use with current version of the tool.

Main Element Geometry - define settings for how to dimension cuts and holes in selected View and some other settings.

Hosted Metal Details - define how to dimension families with Steel Material for Model Behavior in the view.

Hosted Concrete Details - define how to dimension families with Concrete Material for Model Behavior in the view.

Smart Dimensions - configuration of Smart Dimensions tool.

Rebar Bars - define how to dimension rebar in the view.

Dimensioning Priority & Notes - define positioning priority for dimensions with respect to the Host element, and define what kind of notes should be provided.

Note Positioning - define where to place text notes for dimension lines.

After Dimensioning Rules have been created, you can apply them to different Views.

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