Rigde Stud/Joist

Top/Bottom Plate Ridge Studs

Controls ridge studs near sloped start/end plates and near sloped top/bottom trimmers.

Top/Bottom Cripple tab controls ridge studs near opening sloped top/bottom cripples.

Stepped Top/Bottom Plate Ridge Studs

Stepped Top/Bottom Plate Ridge Studs – controls ridge studs near stepped top/bottom plates.

Middle Stud

Adds Studs in the center of the Wall automatically:

Custom Join

Custom Join – is a multi-functional dialog where user can define rules for studs/joins including size, count, position, rotation, spacing, alignment etc. All these rules can be saved and used in other framing configurations or shared with other users. This type of dialog is used frequently in our products, so here you can read more about Custom Join detailed description

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