Rebar Configurations - Common Settings

Modify Configuration Settings

Minimal Cover - define cover distance around openings for edge bars, if they intersect openings. Minimal Rebar Length – if rebar length is less than the value provided here, then it will be deleted. Minimal Distance Between Bars – applies to rebar that has a defined spacing - main and stirrups, if Wall end offset is set to From start, From end or From start/end.

Example: If Minimum Distance is set to 60 and Wall end offsets is set to From start/end and distance is 50, then:

Example: If Minimum Distance is changed to 135, then:

Set Solid in View – if Rebar is created while in 3D view, Rebar visibility states will be checked as Solid in that view. If rebar is created while 2D view is active, rebar will not be set to solid.

Set Unobscured – will set Unobscured for rebar in active view

Exclude Inserts - if checked, software will neglect hosted families that have this Type parameter: Remove Family. It is useful if you have cuts as families and you want to ignore them so that reinforcement will go through them.

It is a Yes/No parameter. It should be a Type parameter and should be turned On in the properties of hosted element.

Use Partition - select partition to which rebar will belong. This will affect rebar numbering.

Create Rebar Sets - select which rebar should be created as individual bars and which ones should be created as rebar sets.

Wall Rebar Covers

Rebar covers are controlled with constraints in all the settings, but for Fabric Sheets it is not possible to use constraints. What you can do here is change Rebar Cover settings which will affect Fabric Sheets. Turn it ON and choose Rebar Cover settings from the ones available in the project. After you create Fabric reinforcement, these settings will be applied to the wall. Keep this value smaller than the Exterior and Interior Cover values in Fabric Sheet settings.


Create rebar sets - turn ON bars that should be created as Rebar sets. If OFF, then individual bars will be created.

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