Export Setup window


Modified on: Sun, 8 Aug, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Export Setup – settings where you can define CNC file locations, project information parameters, identification and marking of elements, CNC command naming, etc.


Configuration – configuration with export settings. You can use sample or create new configurations. Also, you can rename or delete the existing configurations.

By default, CNC Exporter configurations are saved in C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Tools 4 Revit\BTLWood (or other version)\Export Configuration catalog. The content from this catalog can be copied to other users' computers if needed. The path can be changed in CNC Exporter Weinmann BTL and BTLx Exporter Configuration Files’ Location.

Location for export of CNC files

Location for export of CNC files – select where to export CNC files. It can be project file location or any other custom location.

Project Information Parameters

Project Information Parameters – define parameters to take values of project name and project number. These parameters comes from Revit → Manage Project Information:

Result in exported BTL file:

Element Identification and Mark

Element Identification and Mark – select element identification and marking configuration. This goes to advanced settings where you can predefine marking for plates/rims joists, girders, studs, joists and columns. Also you can make special element filtering.

Read more about every advanced feature here >> (https://helpdesk.agacad.com/support/solutions/articles/44002246442advanced-setup)

Automatically skip not marked Elements

Automatically skip not marked Elements – automatically skips elements if CNC Part Number parameter is empty.

If this option is switched OFF then the product will show a warning message with information about missing value.

Such element is not exported in BTL file:

Automatically skip filtered out Elements

Automatically skip filtered out Elements – automatically skips filtered out element from configuration.

Marking Orientation by

Marking Orientation by – marks can be oriented by host (Wall, Floor, Roof, Truss) or by structural framing elements.

Assembly Station Mode

Assembly Station Mode – select if export has to be in one file or in separate files for each wall/floor/roof panel.

Framing Elements

Export Frame – CNC Exporter exports main frame of wall, floor, roof.

Split to Separate Files by – select parameter for splitting elements into separate files.

Export Frames

Order Hosts by – possibility to order hosts by ID or Mark.

Framing Details

Export Wood Details – exports information about the details.

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