Update Families in Project

Find and eliminate differences between project families and families from the library. This will ensure that projects are always up-to-date!


While in the project that you want to check and update, open the 'Update Families in Project' menu. In the newly opened window, select a library that will serve as a template for the update.

The default selected library will be the currently active library.

Smart Browser will compare all the families in the library to those used in the project. If the match is found, then parameters and types will be compared.

After selecting the library, two more options can be checked:

  1. Check Instance Parameters – Mark it if you want to check the presence and values of Instance Parameters of families.

  2. Check for new types – Mark it if you want to check whether families in the library have some types that were not used in the Project.

After selecting, click the green Start Checking button and await the results. Checking time depends on the number of elements in the project and library.

The updated families (rows) and parameters (columns) will be displayed with different colors in cells. In green, Smart Browser will show the values that are in the library. All color codes may be found in the upper part of the window.

When selecting 'Check for new Types', the Types missed in the project will be represented in column "Types" with green color:

When clicking 'Reload Families', Smart Browser will load only the newly added/changed types and parameters by default. To update the parameter values, select 'Overwrite parameter values' next to the 'Reload Families' button.

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