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This section briefly explains what you can do on Agacad Classification System.

FIRST, these classification and access management functions are built in:

  • Creation of new (custom) classification systems

  • Addition of new tables to existing classifications

  • Comparison of different classifications

  • Editing of classes and sub-classes within tables

  • Import and export of tables in Excel format

  • Management of users and their rights

  • New segments/environments for other offices, subsidiaries, etc.

  • Creation and integration of login sites for specific environments

SECOND, three levels of classification standards are distinguished:

International Classification Systems

Examples are ISO 12006, ISO/IEC 81346, currencies, countries, building-lifecycle stages, BIM uses, BIM actors, BIM element properties, etc.

National Classification Systems

Many countries have their own – in the U.S. you have OmniClass, UniFormat and MasterFormat, in Sweden CoClass and BSAB, in the U.K. Uniclass, in Germany DIN, in Denmark CCS, etc.

Company (custom) Classification Systems

A company can create its own internal classifications of products, processes, customers, equipment, etc. Or it can create a pricing classification, e.g., and integrate it with its estimating software and other systems.

THIRD, these user roles determine what permissions an user has.

Administrator (Admin)

Admin is the most powerful user role. It provides full control of the ICS environment. Administrators can add new classification systems, edit or delete systems created by other users in their level, and manage users. A user with the admin role can add new users to the ICS, change information about existing users, and remove any user from the system (even other administrators).


Users with the role of Moderator have control over the classification system(s) assigned to them. They can add, edit, publish and delete tables, including those created by others. They can also moderate, edit, and delete comments.

Moderators are not able to change ICS settings, create new classification systems or add new users.


Users with role of Guest can login to ICS and review classification systems added or created by Administrators and Moderators. They can also update their own user profiles and change their passwords. They cannot add or make changes to systems.

User-role icons are used in this guide with these meanings:

functionality available for administrator only

functionality available for administrator and moderator

functionality available for all users

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