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CNC Exporter Cloud is an additional option within Agacad’s existing software-based CNC Exporters. The key difference between the two versions of CNC Exporters is that the cloud-based platform offers a more flexible approach to exporting the framing elements of Revit models to CNC machines. (Important to know is that all our CNC Exporters – whether cloud-based and software-based – only work with Revit models created using Agacad’s Metal Framing and Wood Framing software.)

Unlike the desktop version, CNC Exporter Cloud allows all team members to analyze BIM models simultaneously. And no longer constrained by Revit accessibility, professionals can more freely collaborate since there is no need to have Revit to view manufacturing data.

Available Exporters

The current CNC Exporter Cloud version is for metal frame data only. It supports these CNC metalworking project files:

  • Arkitech CSV

  • Howick CSV

  • Howick CSV2

  • Knudson TXT

  • Metroll TXT

  • Pinnacle PART.LIST

  • Royal TXT

  • ScotSim TXT

Access to Cloud from Revit

In Revit, go to ARKANCE Dock and click on CNC Exporter Cloud icon:

Access to Cloud on Web

Go to website:

Sign up and Log in

After arriving to the website, you‘ll need to press Sign In to the Application button:

You‘ll be directed to the sign in page. If you‘re an existing user, press Continue to log in.

If you‘re a new user, click Register and complete the registration process:


After logging in to the CNC Cloud Exporter for the first time, the user will automatically land in a workspace with a sample project:

Workspaces are used to organize projects. Users can manage workspaces by navigating to the left sidebar and clicking on the top-right button with dots. User can create new workspace, rename it or delete it:

Sample Revit Project

When creating a new workspace, the user can choose to load the default sample project:

Tick the box if you want to load the sample project in a new workspace:

The purpose of the sample Revit project is for users to test the CNC Exporter cloud.

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