Truss Database Manager

Truss Database Manager allows user to create and modify truss types and their parameters.

Two ways to run Truss Database Manager:

• Select Truss Database Manager directly from Truss+ menu

• Select Truss Database from the Truss System Configuration window


• Truss Type Configuration meanings are represented in a symbolic image preview window • Parameter Angle predefines rotation angle of webs and chords

Creating New Types

  • Click the button Create new type

  • Select new web/chord types and click the Create button

Truss Type name

• ‘Type name’ will represent all the parameters that you set for your new truss type

Deleting types

• If you want to delete a truss type that doesn’t meet your regional defaults, click the Delete type button


  • Make sure that all truss categories (classes) have the same types

  • If at least one of the truss categories has less types, name of this type will contain the note “not in all families”

Three options to avoid this:

  • Delete that type of truss one by one from all categories using the command Delete type

  • Delete that type of truss from all categories with one click. Use the command Delete type

  • Create that type of truss in all categories using the command Create missing types

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