Distribute Views on Sheets

This feature allows you to place selected project views on sheets in-batch.

Sheet Configuration window:

To place views onto Sheets:

  1. Filter views to place onto Sheets:

    1. Use checkboxes to filter different types of project views. This makes it easier to select which views should be placed on sheets.

    2. Use additional 'Filter by' View parameters. This filter will be applied after you click 'Apply Filter'.

  2. Sort Views to define the sequence of how views will be placed on sheets:

  3. Select Views that will be placed on sheets:

    You can use Sort By or move selected views with arrows on the top to change the order of views.

  4. Define Layout Rules

    First Sheet Number - define numbering format. Subsequent sheets will follow this format.

    Sheet Name - give a name for the sheets.

    Titleblock - pick the title block that should be used for the sheets.

    Offsets from Title Block - define Left, Right, Top, Bottom offsets from the boundary lines of Title block family.

    Viewport Type - pick the Type that should be used for the names of the views on the sheets.

    Layout direction - pick available directions for horizontal and vertical layout.

    Distance between views also matters, just define values for it.

  5. Views are selected, layout rules defined. Save configuration for future usage. And click 'Place Views on the sheets'.

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