Main Settings

Users will be given default configurations that will help users get started with Cut Opening(1);

Users will get the default configurations that will include Main Settings, Insulation Settings, Cut Offset Settings, Join Openings Settings, Interference Settings for Round, Rectangular or Oval Ducts, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Sanitary, Hydronic or Other Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits, and Beams(2);

Users will be given the possibility to Duplicate and Save NEW configuration. These configurations can be Deleted or Renamed as well(3);

Default configurations cannot be Renamed or Saved under the same name when you want to get all configurations to factory settings.

Cut Opening configurations are divided into different segments allowing the user to set the Main Settings, Insulation thicknesses for Pipes and Ducts, and individual settings for different MEP line-based elements‘ system classifications.

Cut Opening supports element categories and system classifications:

Duct: Rectangular, Round, Oval;

Pipe: 1) Fire Protection supports Fire Protection Dry, Fire Protection Other, Fire Protection Pre-Action, Fire Protection Wet system classifications; 2) Plumbing supports Domestic Cold Water, Domestic Hot Water system classifications; 3) Sanitary supports Sanitary, Vent system classifications; 4) Hydronic supports Hydronic Supply, Hydronic Return system classifications; 5) Other supports Other and all additionally created system classifications;

Cable tray;



Default Shared Parameters file – Shared parameter file path on the user’s computer. The user is able to change the default shared parameter file or its path.

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