Insert Roof/Floor Truss By Selected Model Lines

  • Draw Model line in the plan view from one wall core to another wall core (or from-to support elements)

  • Start and end points must be in correct positions: middle points (center line) of the heel webs• Select Model line

  • Select Insert Roof/Floor Truss by Selected Model Line from Truss+ menu

  • Select required truss type from the truss family browser

Note: start and end points of Model line will also be the start and end points of truss

Note: all truss families have a special name and classification. Truss families are classified by type and position in roof layout like Common truss, Gable end truss, Scissors truss etc.

All names have a special end like “_1L+1R” or “_2L+2R”. Numbers show how many slopes a truss can have in the left “_XL” “+” and the right “XR” sides of the truss. Inserting a truss by Model line, you must know how many slopes a roof has and use the correct truss family.

Note: there is no need to draw model lines in every truss location.

Use Copy/Array… function for truss distribution along the roof;

  • If the roof has more slopes than can be generated by the selected truss family, software shows an error message

  • If all trusses that come with software installation don’t have enough panels or you want to distribute truss webs in otherway - use T4R Truss Builder (more about Truss Builder - refer to the corresponding e-Help section - Create Truss Type by Model Lines)

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