Dimensioning Tabs

There are several tabs for dimensioning elements in which you can define how elements on different Faces or in different directions should be dimensioned.

In each tab, you can choose from different options. Some of them may vary depending on the chosen category:

Horizontal Dimensions/ Vertical Dimensions/Along Element Dimensions/ Across Element Dimensions - choose options for vertical, horizontal and diagonal dimensions

Measure Width/Position/Length/Height - turns ON Horizontal/Vertical/Diagonal dimensioning

Measure - choose to where dimension point should snap:

  • Location Point - will snap to insertion point of a Family

  • Location Line - will snap to location line. Available for line-based elements (Structural Framing, Pipes, etc)

  • Left/Right Edge - will snap to the edges of solid body in the Family

  • Reference planes - will snap to reference planes which are inside Family. Reference planes should be set to Left/Top/Center etc.

  • Model lines - will snap to model lines, which are inside the Family. Model lines should be perpendicular to the dimension line in the view

Join Dimension Lines - if OFF, each element will have its own dimension line. That's why it's usually ON, to have fewer dimension strings.

Measure Only First & Last Element - will skip dimensioning of intermediate elements

Disconnect from Total Dimension Point - will give dimension only between measured elements

Dimension Position - select from available options where to place the dimension:

  • Left/Right/Top/Bottom - dimensions will be placed at selected side, outside of all elements, to be included in Total Measure

  • By Element - dimension will be placed at nearest side

  • By Measure - dimension will be placed at the position of dimensioned element

Text Note - enter a value for text note. Works with Text Note Settings. (See relevant help file.)

Text Note Parameter - select parameter, which should be added as a note to the dimension line. Works with Text Note Settings. (See relevant help file.)

Grouping - group dimension lines by the selected parameter

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