Load Families

Load Families

Load Families – choose the sample families to be loaded into the current project. Roof+M provides sample Metric and Imperial framing, detail, roofing, tag families, and sample schedules.

You can find the families in Project BrowserFamilies under Structural Framing, Structural Connections, Annotation Symbols and Generic Models categories.

List of families for loading Main Families:

List of families for loading Sample Details:

List of families for loading Sample Roofing:

List of schedules for loading Sample Schedules:

Note: You can modify these schedules and use as templates for making shop drawings.

List of families for loading Sample Tags:

Also, companies can have a path to company families.:

Default Metric and Imperial libraries are located here:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\TOOLS 4 BIM\2021 (or other version)\Metal Framing Roof+\20.34.10627.0 (or other version)\Roof+M\Libraries\Metric or Imperial\Library

If you modify these families in the future, then you can hold them in your company template or place them in this catalog for upcoming projects.

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