Network License Server Renewal

Note: For easier end-user access, it is recommended to install the Network License Server on the same machine as the Revit Server

For Admin

If the license will be activated on the same workstation or server, simply use new codes in Activation tab of your license server dashboard.

  1. Remove the current Network License Server: Go to Control Panel > Programs & Features > 'Uninstall'

  2. Find and delete the registry folder: 2.1. Hold the 'Windows key' and press 'R' key 2.2. In the new ‘Run’ window, type 'regedit' and press 'Enter' key 2.3. Locate and delete the registry folder -HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\InishTech

  3. Go to your network license dashboard: 'http://YourServerName:2468/Web/Activation/Add' and activate your network pool using new codes

  4. Open Activation tab in NLM Server

  5. Enter provided activation key in Activation key field and click Submit

For End User

Make sure your workstation has the latest ARKANCE Dock installed

  1. Launch Revit® > open any project

  2. Navigate to the > Manage

  1. Set your > Save

License server address is the server Hostname or IP address with port number '8731' Example: http://YourServerName:8731 or with IP address http://192.X.X.X:8731

  1. You should now see a list of available licenses on the server. Select your tool or solution > click 'Install'

Technical documentation and training videos are available directly from the Dock Click the tool > click the '?' (question mark icon):

Having troubles?
  1. More common solutions - Troubleshooting guide

  2. Reach out to for personal assistance

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